When you’ve been in an car accident, or if someone has hit-and-run your vehicle, you need a great auto body shop in NJ to help fix that damage. Hopefully, you have automotive insurance coverage to help you with the bills. But is your insurance company telling you to go to a specific body shop? Hold on—you have rights as an automotive customer! Keep reading to see what they are.

Owner’s Choice of Shop
In most states, you have the legal right to get your car or truck repaired at any certified auto body or automotive shop you choose. You have many other rights with your insurance as well, including the right to have the vehicle inspected for a second opinion, the right to choose when and how the repairs will be completed, and the right to have clear, easily understood information about the total costs and your payment responsibilities. If you find a great auto body shop in Hackensack that can meet these requirements, you should be good to go!

Not Always Owner’s Choice to Repair
What isn’t always in your control is if you repair the vehicle or not. If you have a lease or loan on your vehicle, your insurance company (and that lease/loan holder!) can require you to get damages repaired. If you own the vehicle outright, there is far less chance that your insurance company will “force” you to get repairs—usually, this happens when the vehicle is unsafe to drive, which would also create a problem getting your car licensed in NJ.

Cooperation is Cool!
If the insurance companies can’t make you use a specific shop, why do they bother recommending them? Usually, it’s because of specific financial contracts and shared customer agreements. Your insurance company may have contracted for lower services, different fee arrangements, or other benefits with their preferred partners. That makes their bottom dollar lower, but they are often looking out for you as well—they recommend shops that have worked well and gotten good reviews in the past.

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