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You’ve almost forgotten that car accident. After all, it was months ago, and you took it to an auto body shop in NJ. Your insurance has already paid for it, and the case is closed. But… what’s the clanking noise? Collisions can cause damage that is very hard to notice, usually referred to as “hidden damage.” If your vehicle has been in an accident and not inspected by a very careful, detail-oriented automotive professional, you may be surprised when hidden damage rears its ugly head months later. Here are some common hidden collision damages that Ricca Auto Body in NJ has handled recently.

Frame Damage
Does your vehicle suddenly feel like it “doesn’t fit together”? Do the doors close a little different, the alignment seem off despite passing alignment checks, or the whole vehicle seem a little rougher than before? Frame damage is very easy to miss, and will cause years of problems down the line. Always choose a skilled auto body shop in NJ to diagnose frame issues.

Trunk Malfunctions
Even the slightest rear-end accident can cause your trunk to go to junk! For some reason, these problems like to hide until your insurance claim is fully processed… and then you find that your trunk won’t open, won’t close, or pops up to block your view whenever you hit a bump on the highway. Getting this repaired late can be difficult, as your insurance company will argue that the parts “wore out” suddenly. Get a full vehicle evaluation from a trusted auto body shop next time!

Alignment All Out of Whack
Even small accidents, like hitting a curb or median, can mess up your alignment. When you get into bigger accidents, you may be so busy with the big repairs that the alignment goes unnoticed. At Ricca Auto Body, we make sure to evaluate alignment with all our collision repairs so you have smooth sailing!

Ready for a better collision repair service? New Jersey’s finest auto body shop is in Hackensack—Ricca Auto Body! Call us as soon as you have an accident for help with repairs.

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